Happy Sunday!

Again, I just had a quick thought that might encourage someone out there.

I am seated in Ibadan, at the 40th birthday celebration of one of the few men that I celebrate because of his impact on my life.

I met Rev. Gbeminiyi Eboda, Snr Pastor, HarvestHouse Int’l Churches in December, 1992 while I was in JSS2. He was the one who led me to Christ.

The next time I met him was in 1996 when someone invited me to attend his church. Trust me, I was still a ‘baby’ christian at that time and the ambience of the auditorium wasn’t something to desire. I made up my mind never to return again but the words I heard that day from this great man never let go of me.

If there has been one person who believed in me, mentored me, corrected me and inspired me at a critical point in my life, it was this great man.

Many people say I take profitable risks in life..I learnt them from him. One day, he showed up in Ibadan from Lagos and announced that God asked him to leave his job and focus on building the church and raising people.

16 years or so after, I am seated in a 1000 seater beautiful auditorium that has many great people gathered to celebrate him. Through the church, many men and women have been blessed and the work has spread to nations.

My lesson today is this;
When you discover your life purpose, pour your life into it and many years after, many people will gather to thank God for you and celebrate you.

Life is your opportunity to fulfill God’s purpose for your life.

Fulfil it with every breath in you! You are relevant to this generation. The world is waiting to celebrate you.

Do have a wonderful Sunday & week.

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst


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