Thank God it’s Monday!

Hello. Trust you had a good day.

Well, I just got into Lagos some minutes ago. As usual, I need to send out my broadcast as I believe it empowers you every week.

Today, I’ll speak about the strength of ‘planting’ seeds in your career.

At the height of my frustration after my major career transition in 2011, I decided to revisit my vision for life and the exact difference I wanted to make. I knew it had to do with career but I wasn’t too sure. I had little or no money, my company wasn’t doing too well and the bills started developing a ‘loud’ voice that made it difficult for me to concentrate.

I asked myself one thing,’Jimi, what exactly do you have that people need?’ It occurred to me that my greatest ‘testimony’ at that time came from working professionals who I had helped to transit from their points of frustration to their seasons of celebration.

I therefore decided to replicate my testimonies and in came the idea of ‘Thank God its Monday’ broadcasts.

I have sent this broadcast every Monday (except 4 times) for almost 2 years now. The broadcasts have not only been a blessing to many people in different nations of the world but they have also opened the doors of individuals, organizations, corporations and many nations to me.

I wonder where I would be if I did not start with the ‘small’ seed I planted back then.

My question to you is this? ‘What is your small seed?’ Find it, plant it, prune it & never give up on it.

Someday, just like it has done for me, it will plant permanent smiles on faces & when the money comes eventually, you’ll be smiling too.

By the way, Are you interested in engaging a Career Coach for a 90 day Career Transformation programme? It’s a paid service for only 10 people. To achieve your goals, coaching works. Even the highest goal scorers or performers in the world have coaches.

Interested? Send ‘Interested’ to

Do have a wonderful week!

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst


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