The men who built NIGERIA

Good Morning.

Okay, so I started watching a documentary on ‘The Men who built America’ yesterday evening. I’m talking about John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie etc.

These men existed many decades ago but their stories of courage and vision permanently placed their names on the history of America. For most of them, they grew up in poor homes yet they accomplished great feats that distinguished them in life.

While watching it, a thought crossed my mind.

Fast-forward to December 2025..

By then, Nigeria is the most desirable nation to live in.

From a story of violence, corruption and threats of disintegration, a strong and formidable nation has risen. Of course, it did not just happen. Some people chose to make it happen. One of them, a gentleman called Jimi Tewe (why are you smiling? Don’t you believe?)

That thought gave me a fresh boost to keep at what I am doing, ‘addressing the issues of employability and self actualization in Africa’s youth’.

Guess what?

Your name can also be listed in one of the leading documentaries or history books in a few decades from today. It will not happen if you merely exist. It will be the result of your conscious decision to make a difference.

‘What difference can I make?’, you may ask me.

Listen to this..

Your area of dissatisfaction in our nation is a major key to our national transformation. Your failure to act positively on your dissatisfaction will only increase your personal frustration and the nation’s tribulations.

Start with that idea you have. Start from the place where you are. Start with that next decision you are about to make. Start with that first step you need to take.

The MEN (and WOMEN) who built Nigeria! I believe you are one of them.

You can watch my interview with Mo Abudu on ‘Moments with Mo’ on EbonyLife TV (DSTV channel 165) tomorrow (Aug 13) by 8.30pm & wednesday (Aug 14) 11.30am.

Its going to be a great week for you.

Jimi Tewe


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