A thought on Entrepreneurship

Good Morning.

Before I go into what I want to share, please remember to watch my interview with Mo Abudu (Moments with Mo) on DSTV Channel 165 by 8.30pm today and 11.30am tomorrow morning).

So, I’ve been ‘officially’ an entrepreneur since January 2011 and like most people, I have had moments when I was faced with ‘challenging challenges’.

During those moments, I have received invaluable counsel from God’s spirit and mentors around me.

I have learnt to become better disciplined with my time as I realize I have power to work, read or play with every second at my disposal.

I have learnt the value of working with good people who can deliver value. I have learnt many ways in which things cannot work in my field.

If there is one thing I have learnt, however, that keeps me going, it is this, ‘with God on my side and by learning and doing the right things, I will be astronomically successful’.

In case you are out there and you have started a venture that is faltering, please be encouraged. Many successful and succeeding businesses will tell you its a part of the process. Get good advice, revisit your business model & operations, validate the viability of your business & where needed, make a change.

Above all, allow God to be a Senior Partner in all your endeavours. Things will get better.

If you work in someone’s business, remember, your faithfulness there will produce great results for you in the coming future.

Do have a wonderful day.

Jimi Tewe


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