3 years and Counting..

Welcome to a new week.

Yesterday, it occurred to me that exactly 3 years ago, I executed a major career decision to change my career path from a Specialist HR Professional to a Career Coach/Counselor. It required that I leave my banking job (which paid quite well) to pursue an entrepreneurial opportunity that was very obvious to me.

3 years down the line, I am grateful I followed through with that decision.

Unlike what most people think when they hear my story, my decision was not to resign.. It was to pursue something greater than where I was. Resignation was only a step towards the future I desired.

If there is one thought that keeps me thinking, it is the fact that most people have not decided to pursue their best life possible. Many have heard about fulfilling purpose, following their core interests, leveraging their strengths, maximizing their opportunities but only few have made quality decisions and followed through.

A DECISION precedes a PLAN that can help you achieve your goals and then right after comes the COMMITMENT TO DO what you decided.

Each of these steps is very necessary.

I’m 3 years gone now and I can say there is no life I would have lived that can compare to this. I’m still a work-in- progress but I’m dedicated to working on my progress.

If I ever beg you to do something, it would be this; Live your Best Life starting NOW!

Time might have gone but I trust God to help you catch up. You might have made mistakes but I’m hopeful you’ll go beyond them and recover all you lost.

I might not have met you but trust me, I do believe in you. There is a great future ahead of you.

As I start the 4th year, may this also mark a NEW beginning for you. Step FORWARD this Monday and Thank God for it all the way!

Do have a great week and forward this to someone who needs it.

Details of my speaking events coming shortly

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst


5 thoughts on “3 years and Counting..

  1. Hmmm… One need a slight potion of boldness and seeming craziness to really take some things out of life. Jimi Tewe, your story is one that brings hope to the faint. I pray God continues to make your life a positive and encouraging impact to people. Love you pst Jimi.

  2. More of this sir,words like this keep me going. I decide to set a real goal for myself after attending one of your lecture held at insourcing nig ltd. Thank you sir.

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