Too Busy To Make Progress

Welcome to a New Week.

It always amazes me when I ask people I speak to or coach, to get some books to read and they say they cannot because they are too busy.

It also amazes me when I recommend events that are capacity-building focused to some folks and they tell me they are too busy to attend.

Too busy? I think some people are actually ‘too busy’. Most business owners and career professionals do not read because they are ‘too busy’. If you have been ‘too busy’ lately then you really need to read this.

‘Busyness’ has 2 sides to it- Waste or Productivity. It is therefore important we always check what side we are on.

Waste is driven by committing your time (a limited resource) to unlimited distractions (urgent and seemingly important duties) on a consistent basis. More often than not, waste is only identified at the end of the process. This is an unfortunate situation.

Productivity on the other hand is the end-result of focused ‘busyness’. ‘Busyness’ is good but it must be focused. Focused on what, you may ask?

Focused on your long term goals and aspirations.

It is easier to say ‘NO’ to distractions that keep you busy when you ought to be focusing on your real goals when you know them..

As this week progresses, I would like you to be ‘productively’ busy. No more time for waste.

Regularly pause and answer these questions:

  1. -Is this really important?
  2. Is this the best way to get it done?
  3. Am I the best person to do it?
  4. Am I spending too much time on it?
  5. Is there a better way to do this?

Remember, making life count is simply making time count because your life is made up of time. Make this week count by all means.

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Do have a wonderful week ahead.

Kindly rebroadcast

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst


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