Nothing is Impossible!

Hello. I trust your day is going on great.

I have a quick thought I would like to share.

Is there anything impossible for you?

Specifically, are there desires you have in your career that seem impossible to you?

Let me give you a little good news. The fact that you have a burning desire means that there is a seed of possibility in that desire.

You see, impossibility is simply a state of possibility that is protected by thoughts of fear, doubt, ignorance and complacency. If you can get past those negative thoughts, you will begin to see possibility in the same impossible situations.

Innovative people are simply those who have overcome their fear & doubts, addressed their ignorance and woken up from their position of complacency.

Innovative people are celebrated when they succeed; even though they were criticised while they tried.

Innovative people are excited when they breakthrough; even though they were frustrated when things didn’t work; they do not quit.

Innovative People are usually optimistic in spite of contrary situations; even though they have to deal with pessimists on a constant basis.

The delivery of your future is largely hinged on your ability to innovate. In other words, innovation brings you into possibilities.

Your greatest innovation in life would be your ability to craft the path that will take you from where you are today to the future you desire.

Nothing is impossible to you. God created you to live a life of possibilities. That future you desire IS POSSIBLE!

From today, begin to address your Fears, Doubts, Areas of Ignorance and Complacency and reach for your desired future.

I need you to become ALL you were born to be.. God wants this even much more than you do.

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Remember, If you rebroadcast this, you might actually change someone’s life for good.

Do have a wonderful day.

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst


3 thoughts on “Nothing is Impossible!

  1. Awesome! Feel like taking on the entire world. I can. Yes, I can. I dee possibilities.
    Thank you sir for this.
    Pls can I get your mobile nos? Need to speak with you about a desire of mine.

    Jude Tetteh.
    Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

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