CAREERSHIFT USA starts in 48 hours!

3 years ago, I was told by someone who believed in me that the message of Career Success I was ‘preaching’ will bless people within and outside the country.

I am thankful to God that this is coming to pass as I begin the second run of CareerShift in the USA this week.

We start off this weekend in Maryland for 2 meetings; then off to New York for a special (Nigerian) Independence day event and finally, we stop at Chicago for the last event (and then I’m back home).

My intention with these events is that many people will finally make a decision to align their career with their life’s purpose and ultimately become all God made them to be. Please pray along that this intention becomes a reality on this trip.

By the way, that dream you have inside of you is waiting to enjoy open doors, favour, immeasurable impact, access to greatness and multiplied income if only you dare to pursue it.

Our dreams fulfilled create the world we desire. Make a SHIFT forward in your Career/Business today.

If you have folks who live in any of these areas, do let them know and let me know so they can get directions.

Do enjoy your evening.

Jimi Tewe


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