I Love My Career!

Hi. I trust your day is going great.

I arrived 4 days ago in the US to hold the Maryland Edition of CareerShift USA and it was a blast. We had a larger attendance than last year in both events and the feedback was heartwarming. I’ve already been asked when the next event will hold.

I’m off to New York tomorrow to hold another event, this time focused on celebrating Nigeria’s independence (Oct 1).

We will not be celebrating the mistakes of the past but discussing the possibilities of the future. By the way, the event has been moved to Thursday to a venue in Manhattan because one of the city’s largest magazines catering to Africans there, ‘Applause Africa’ wants me to come and speak at their event that day. So, instead of 2 events, we are having a big one on Thursday.

Lastly, I’ll be off to Chicago first thing on Friday to hold CareerShift that night and a career fair on Saturday (in partnership with Career Resources)

Do I love what I do? Trust me, I do… And the good news is that you can too.

One thing I am doing in New York is Networking. I already have about 3 appointments with people in my field there. I know the power of Networking. It can significantly transform your career.

Anyway, I just thought to share my diary with you. I hope this thought crossed your mind while you read through, ‘if Jimi can do this, I can do much more’. If it did, then you are right!

By the way, if you have not registered for the HR Career Information Session or the Entrepreneurship Information Sessions hosted by Inspiro Consulting (my firm) on Oct 5 & you intend to stand out in any of those fields (and you live in Lagos)…
You know what? Just repent now and call Eniola on 07043333041 or send a mail to info@inspirosolutions.com. You can mention me for more info too. It’ll be one of the best learning & networking platforms of the year.
You have my Word!

Enjoy your week.

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst


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