A Full-Filled Life

I trust your week has been great. If you can, look back over the week and find reasons to thank God for the week.

I just arrived Chicago for the final lap of CareerShift USA. It has been a swell time so far with many testimonies and new relationships established.

In all my travels, I find out that career challenges are common irrespective of geography. It makes me feel more relevant on earth knowing that the solutions I carry are needed.

Again, let me say this- Your significance in life is tied to your relevance to life.

Significance is simply recognised and deployed difference which has found relevance.

Until you discover, develop and deploy YOU, you will remain largely unknown, insignificant and grossly under-rewarded in life.

Let me say one more thing- if you would dare to become all that God has designed you to be, you will ENJOY all that God has prepared for you.

I have enjoyed favour more in life along my line of purpose (including my career & Business) than out of it. This trip is an example of enjoyed favour.

Do not live a wasted life – a life that is not optimised. You have only one attempt at life – Maximise it!

If you are in Lagos, remember you can still join the HR and Entrepreneurship Information sessions (10am and 2pm respectively) tomorrow. Call Eniola on 07043333041 for details.

As I prepare for CareerShift here tonight, I stand in Faith with you that you will live a Maximised life! Things will work for you! People will attend to you! Ultimately, you will live a FULL-FILLED life.

Thank God it’s Friday!

Jimi Tewe
Twitter: @jimitewe


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