78 days to year end!

Welcome to a New Week.

With only 78 days and 13 Mondays to the end of 2013, I am already in a transit mode (maximising today and preparing for 2014) where my career is concerned.

So how well have you done with your career this year?

There are 3 career dimensions you need to assess yourself on from time to time. I call them the 3 I’s… They are Impact, Influence and Income.

IMPACT speaks of your relevance within your organisation and industry (the solutions you provide determine this); INFLUENCE (the reach of your solutions in terms of numbers and geography determines this) speaks of your earned authority within and outside your field while INCOME is the reward your IMPACT and INFLUENCE wield.

Successful individuals constantly do things that constantly improves their performance in these areas. The unfortunate thing however is that most people only do well in one or at most two of these areas.

Let me quickly share a few tips that will help you make improvements in these dimensions.


Do not only do your work. Find new and better ways to do it; contribute to your field by using your thoughts and experience to create solutions for issues in your field


You can be good but those who know you are good matter more. Network, write in journals, newsletters; speak at events. Go beyond the four walls of your department, company, industry and nation. Social Media works a lot in this regard.


Who do you serve? The reward of serving kings cannot be compared to that from citizens. Find ways to provide solutions to those higher up in your field or provide solutions to a large number of consumers within your field. Your ability to sell matters a lot here.

There is still a lot that can be achieved in 78 days, starting today. Conduct your review and get back to your stride towards SUCCESS. God’s desire for you is to EXCEL

Go for it!

Do have a wonderful week and please share.

Jimi Tewe


Career Success Catalyst


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