Your Talent is Your Business

Welcome to a new week.

My weekend was ‘off the hook’ 🙂 . A few events made it so. I would like to share something from the event I attended on Saturday- Mastering the Talent of your Business. This was one event that made a positive mark on me this year.

I will not be sharing what was taught (go and get the CD from @iamsteveharris) but rather I will share a thought I left that event with.

My talent is something that God gave me for free and from which I ought to earn a fee.

Now, trust me, I have earned quite some money using my ability to inspire people through my speaking and writing but that day I left with a conviction.

I MUST use my talent to increase my IMPACT, INFLUENCE and INCOME. Its a God-given responsibility. Tonye Cole said ‘your talent makes what others find difficult, easy to do’. Your Career is meant to be easy & fun for you as you use your talent to do business.

I find it easy holding a microphone (pen or Blackberry) and communicating very deep thoughts in my mind. Not everyone can do this. I have balanced this talent with my interest in Career Success and that largely defines what I do. Beyond this however, I must learn and implement the ‘Business’ aspect so that I can prove faithful to God, myself, my family and my world.

This week, take time to think again, ‘What is (are) my Talent(s)?’. Start developing them and then deploying them. Soon enough they’ll not only pay your bills but give you enough to be a Blessing to many more people.

YOU have a talent… Find It!

If you strongly feel you have a talent or desire in the area of public speaking or you would like to improve your presentation skills OR you want to overcome nervousness when presenting or speaking to a crowd, then you must take advantage of my ‘SPEAK WITH CONFIDENCE’ package.


Send a mail to and more details will be sent to you.

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Do enjoy your week!

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst


3 thoughts on “Your Talent is Your Business

  1. Thank you Jimi, what if someone has spent long years working in fields other than where he’s better equipped as regards talent? How easy or difficult is it switching from a well established career path to another thing all in the name of discovering talent(s)?

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