Lessons from my London Train Ride

Welcome to a new week.

Yes, CareerShift UK was an awesome event and surpassed last years edition in attendance, quality and feedback. Thank you to everyone that made this happen.

So, I am on a train going to Banbury to see a close family and I’d like to share my experience & some lessons with you.
I’ll list the experiences and state the lessons.

-I got on TFL website yesterday night to buy my tickets because I knew where I was going:

When you have a destination in life, the cost will become clearer to you & if you really want to get there, you’ll pay for it.

– I left home on time to catch the bus and then the train to meet the main train that would get me there

Time waits for no one. Be conscious that time is on the go and you had better be on the go too.. Early!

– At one of the stations, I had to ask for directions

When in doubt, do not move forward confidently confused! Don’t try to impress people that aren’t watching, especially when you don’t know what you are doing!

– I successfully located the train station to banbury, got on the train and realised after the train had left that I got on an earlier train. In London, you can be fined for this. So, I went to ‘report’ myself and the ticketing officer said it was okay since I came to ‘report’ myself.

Even when you make a honest wrong move, become accountable. God can then grant you favour or give you wisdom.

Ok. So, I am now sitting comfortably on the train (praise God) and typing this message. Maybe I’ll have some more lessons on my way back (hopefully less dramatic).

Do enjoy your day and if you still haven’t followed me on Twitter, you are getting setup to miss something BIG! I’ll tell you later. Follow @jimitewe

My name is Jimi Tewe. I’m a Career Success Catalyst and I believe you have a great future & it starts NOW.

Do share this with someone today.

Stay Blessed!


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