Execution- The Habit of Getting Things Done


Again, I just got back from my 30-minutes daily jogging session and I’m glad to say that I have kept to the plan. Today, I returned home 4 minutes earlier than I usually do even though it was the same route.

If you read my broadcast last week, you would remember I only seriously committed to this last week. Looking back, I have come to learn a lesson on achieving results through this experience.

The man who is driven by vision will go farther than the man who is driven simply by motivation …but… The man driven by vision & motivation will outlast them and reach his goal.

You need a clarity of vision and a consistent dose of motivation to keep you on the path to your desired destination.

Did you set goals this year that you have not achieved? If you did, I dare say you did not have a compelling vision (a compelling picture of your future that makes you pay the price to get the prize) or sustained motivation (a regular infusion of encouragement to keep doing what you should do even when you want to give up).

As you start this week, what goals can you still achieve in 2013? Move from wishing for them to capturing that vivid inner image in your heart that will see you moving forward & of course, organise your dose of motivation around association and information that will spur you to reach your goal.

If you need help with getting a relevant vision (especially with regards to where you can be effective in Nigeria), consider attending, ‘Transformational Leadership for Nation Builder’s’ Program run by Gemstone Leadership Institute led by Mr Fela Durotoye. This program transformed by thinking and clarified my vision for me.

Class starts Dec 4th – 6th and every 1st week of the month. Interested? Send an email to training@gemstoneng.org
OR call 07088634447

‘Mentoring Hangout’ with Steve Harris and I holds by midday today and I’m excited.

Do enjoy your week.

Jimi Tewe


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