Why Am I Alive?

Welcome to a New Week.

In two days, I will have existed for exactly 35 years on earth. With a little over 65 years to go ;), the turn of this New Year has got me in a reflective mood. I’m thankful for everything in my past and I’m faith-full for everything in my future.

Why am I alive? Beyond raising a family & living successfully, I am aware that there is a greater purpose for my existence. I realize that my unique identity, interests, abilities and tendencies are all designed to enable me solve specific problems or create unique solutions in my generation.\

Specifically, unemployment, career frustration & business/career stagnation cannot successfully co-exist with me while I am alive. Every book, CD, event, training, tweet etc I produce WILL be a solution to these issues.

My significance in life is tied to my relevance to the world around me. I will constantly build what I do around who I am and my reason for existence.

My message to you this week is this; ‘Do you know why you are alive? Are you busy doing it?’ If you are not, make an adjustment starting today. If you are, do much more than you’ve ever done!

Remember, everyday is your opportunity from God to fulfil the reason for your existence.

As the year ends, begin to make plans for 2014 to be highly impactful, productive and profitable!

You were born to make a difference! You will Deliver Your Future!

Do have a wonderful day & Thank God it’s Monday!

Kindly share to encourage a friend.

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst


2 thoughts on “Why Am I Alive?

  1. I just hope people walk with such mentality early enough. Especially the youth. Pst jimi… You are a great inspiration to me. Only eternity can unfold the true worth of your worth to us. Love you sir!

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