Nelson Mandela

Good morning and welcome to a new week.
The world stood still last week when an icon passed away. Many were reminded of how a life of impact is widely appreciated versus a life of mere existence.

The thing is this, ‘you can never enjoy great fulfillment and influence like Nelson Mandela outside your natural habitat for career success’. Nelson Mandela was a ‘Freedom Fighter’ and simply built his life and work around his deepest convictions and beliefs.

This is the message on career I live to tell people. Build your career around your life’s purpose and you will have all you need and much more.

Let me share a mail I received last week from a lady I coached over the telephone sometime back;

It’s been two years now since I last wrote you an email.
I want to say thank you and that I am glad I wrote to you then cause am happy with where I am now in my worklife and life in general.
I hated my last job so much and the truth for me now is there is  always, and I say again always a choice and if you just keep at it; a door will open.
I now work for the Lagos State Government and I was seconded to LAWMA where I have always wanted to work so that I can help the environment.
Working here comes with varying challenges but ones I am willing to face.
I had to give back the brand new Toyota Corolla amidst all sort of issues with the oil company but I tell you that’s one of my best decisions yet.  I returned happily to my Kia Picanto.
I earn much less than what I earned before but there is no price for ones happiness and a chance to follow one’s dreams.
Presently, I’m working on doing a PhD in Environmental Engineering  with LAWMA’s support; maybe not financially but at least  I get an opportunity to follow my dreams. I am also writing a children’s book on the environment.
I’m feeling really blessed that I will be able to transfer knowledge. My business now is service. Thanks and God Bless (Temi P).

On Saturday, 21st of December, I will be seating with about 30 people who want to learn the two factors & 18 levers that guide Career Mastery (what I have always shared with those I coached who got results) in our Career Mastery Programme.

It’s a paid 9- Hour session (N26,500- discounted for Christmas) and will be very practical, informative and beneficial to every attendee. In fact, if they are not satisfied, we will do a refund. These Career Mastery tools will be utilised to build ‘actionable’ plans for 2014 and most of all, participants will have access to me and other facilitators for post-event support.

If you want to get one of the remaining seats left (we have a few seats taken), send a mail to or call Eniola on 07043333041 to get payment details. Class will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

My name is Jimi Tewe. I exist to help people get into their natural habitat for greatness and achieve all the greatness in it.

Thank God it’s Monday. Do have a wonderful week ahead and kindly help rebroadcast.

Jimi Tewe
Twitter: @jimitewe
Career Success Catalyst
Olujimi Tewe
CEO, Inspiro Consulting


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