Banker’s Alert!

A Good Morning to You!

This is a quick request that shouldn’t take your time (hopefully).

It’s no news in Nigeria today that one of the most dissatisfied workforces lie in the banking industry.

This outcome is not a surprise as it is a common trend worldwide.

The opening up of new markets/industries usually requires the engagement of many individuals as staff. The banking/finance industry began to open up in the late 90’s and grew significantly into late 2007 globally.

Unfortunately, the industry growth was accompanied with ‘swellings-unsustainable pseudo-growth’ and so many people got into banking because of the remuneration without considering the work to be done.

The contraction of the industry starting with consolidation in 2005 and the Global Financial Crisis in 2007/8 and finally the ‘sanusitization’ of 2009 led to all ‘swellings’ to be reduced/removed.

Banks have now been forced to lay off staff as they now begin to focus on the real business of banking. Unfortunately, the swelling also allowed the creation of some ‘corporate slave masters’ who enjoyed latitude to degrade their colleagues/employees using their words and threats because of the remuneration they paid.

The face of banking has changed today.

With the harmonization of year-end, banks are now forced to deliver real value to their clients. This means that only those suited to banking will remain and thrive in it. Banking in itself is not bad; it just needs a certain type of people.

So, what happens to those not suited for it?

If they remain in it without discovering their bearing, their frustrations will only increase.

Just yesterday, I heard of a banker who slumped and died at work. Their health, finances, careers, families and life in general are being affected negatively. We cannot allow this to continue.

In spite of this reality, unfortunately, most ‘bankers’ will still adapt to discomfort (the parody of true life). Only a few will get informed and positioned to change their story in the New Year.

I was a still a banker just 3 years ago. I learned a lot from the industry, but when the time came (heightened dissatisfaction leading to continuous frustration), I took steps to change my experience. Today, I’m a leading voice and career coach to many in Nigeria and beyond.

I’ve been privileged to work with people who had recurrent birth miscarriages due to work pressure and helped get them into another organisation; people who had lost their self esteem due to the constant verbal ‘batterings’ they had received at work; those who had remained on the same career level for a while and now have moved upwards; those who were in the wrong role in banking and have now moved to a role more compartible with them in banking etc.

I am quite passionate about bankers and I would like to see what we can do for them.

Till this year ends, if you know any banker that wants a change in their career experience, please have them send a mail to narrating their challenges. It will take me time but we’ll see what to do about helping them. You can also send the name, phone number and e-mail address of any you know that needs to change in this category. If there is anyone that falls in this category outside banking, I will also entertain such emails.

For those that respond, their information will be kept confidential. No matter how senior they are, I’ll give it my best shot.

Remember, I was a Senior Manager in a bank at age 30 with a debt portfolio of N37.5Million (big boy on the outside, crying inside). Today, that has changed.

You have only one life to live. Live it on Purpose! Live it within the confines of what you want out of life and not what life gives to you! It’s time for a change in 2014.

My name is Jimi Tewe. I am passionate about your career success. It will become a reality!

Now, this is one you should rebroadcast now. Thank you.

Jimi Tewe
Twitter: @jimitewe
Career Success Catalyst

Olujimi Tewe
CEO, Inspiro Consulting


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