Killing Yourself in Your Career?

Looking through some status updates this morning, I could almost ‘hear’ a sigh of relief as people get into the weekend mood.

Weekends have usually provided room for most working professionals to take a break from the pressures of work. Now, there is ‘Good Pressure’ and ‘Bad Pressure’.

Good Pressure occurs when you are being driven to achieve outstanding results especially doing work you love to do.

Bad Pressure on the other hand occurs when you are being driven to achieve unreasonable results doing work you would rather not be doing.

The human Mind and Body is designed to work better with Good Pressure but has a capability of adapting to Bad Pressure. Whenever Bad Pressure is applied on the mind and body continually, it will lead to a breakdown which manifests in constant illnesses, tiredness, frustration, fear etc.

I do not have the statistics to prove it, but I believe there are more people operating under bad pressure than good pressure.

The mails I received from some frustrated bankers yesterday based on the article I wrote proved this (Please keep sending the link-Banker’s Alert).

Click here for the article

So, my question to you is this, ‘Are you operating under Good or Bad Pressure?’

Good Pressure will stretch you but will also build you.

Its advisable you make changes as quickly as you can to live with Good Pressure in your Career or Business.

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Do have a restful weekend and share.

Jimi Tewe
Twitter: @jimitewe
Career Success Catalyst
Olujimi Tewe
CEO, Inspiro Consulting


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