Bankers Alert (Part 2)

Good Afternoon and welcome to a new week.

I believe it is instructive to realize that only last week, I sent out an inspired broadcast to bankers only to hear the news that 300 of them lost their jobs the day after. I do not claim to be a ‘Career Prophet’ ;), but the signs have been there and are still there (I will be speaking about some other industries in the coming weeks).

In response to my broadcast, I got several mails from frustrated, tired & scared bankers. Pls, remember like I said in the last broadcast that this is no direct fault of banking institutions. This ongoing ‘adjustment’ is a necessary one as I believe over 40% of the people in the industry are not meant to be there and the dynamics in the industry will continually put pressure on them to find expression in other careerpaths outside of banking.

For anyone to remain in this industry, they must be genuinely interested in banking and they must also get relevant skills to enable them perform excellently.

For those who do not see themselves in banking, its time to recaliberate and focus on their core career vision and seek a way to actualize it.

From the mails I responded to last week, it is clear that most bankers who want to effect a change are either too scared to do so or are not even clear about what they want. A number of them are distraught as they have been enduring severe verbal abuse over the years. In addition many of them are not informed on actual steps to take to get the change they desire, so they remain where they are.

Whatever the situation might be, it’s each person’s responsibility to take Charge of their Career. You can no longer afford to be passive about it.

By the way, I have responded to all mails I received before Friday, I will continue responding to all mails today. You can still send a mail to to ask for career advice (any industry). I will personally respond to everyone of them.

This new week, its important to transform every trace of frustration you have into motivation for the change you desire in your career.

Remember, information gets you in formation! A book, CD, seminar, radio program, career advice from a coach etc will go a long way.

To get details on career resources personally  developed by me focused on Overcoming the fear of failure in career transition, How to change Career Path, Career discovery etc, please call Eniola on 07043333041 or send a mail to

I will send another broadcast soon on the factors that keep most bankers feeling trapped and dissatisfied in their careers. Remember, you will learn from this even if you are not in banking.

Do follow me on Twitter @jimitewe as I will be sharing some thoughts on ‘Getting Set for 2014’ later this week.

Do enjoy your week and please kindly rebroadcast.

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst


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