Ending 2013, Beginning 2014!

If you do things the way you have always done it, you will either get exactly what you are getting or even worse.

Yesterday, I sat in a meeting with several other people in my field and by the time I was through, I knew that I was doing many right things the wrong way. Of course, that explains why I have not achieved certain results that I have desired.

Anyway, now, I am wiser and I have made some adjustments to what I am doing. I have learnt that success is replicable and so I can learn from others and get the results I desire.

2014 is only 13 days away. By January 1, the imaginary whistle of 2014 will be blown and another race to December 2014 will begin. I have made up my mind to win this race. I am positioning myself to win the prize I desire and deserve. What about YOU?

Are you so busy with living that you have not thought about life in a long time?

Nothing just happens.. Whatever happens is always a result of our actions or inaction.

Your dissatisfaction today are indicators that something about the way you think or what you are doing needs to change.

Please do not have a 2013 experience in 2014.

If you intend to fly, you need to get fuel. If you intend to drive, you need fuel. If you want to walk for long, you need food. Get prepared for the journey ahead.

In case you need help with your career and you are in Lagos, consider taking up.  1 of the remaining 8 seats in our Career Mastery Class holding on Saturday, Dec 21 (9am-5pm) facilitated by me and two other professionals. Every participant will leave with Career Clarity, the needed drive and specific actions to take in their career in 2014. Interested, ping me or send a mail to info@inspirosolutions.com. Its N26,500 only.

Remember, only those who see the future today, will seize the future tomorrow!

Do have a great day. Kindly share.

My name is Jimi Tewe & I am passionate about your Career Success!

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst
Twitter: @jimitewe


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