Please read THIS!

I personally welcome you to 2014. Happy New Year to you.
In the midst of the festivities going on around you, learn to do what 3% of the people on earth who rule the rest do. They keep their feet on the ground and also keep their eyes on the future.
In other words, they live out today and at the same time, are working on tomorrow. This is how you should live this year if you will make it a truly exceptional year.
One way you can do this as you celebrate today is to listen to my podcast right now as soon as you finish reading this.
You can download it on your phone using any of these links.

It’s a 10 Minute podcast that will get you going early in the year. It’s the first in a 7 part podcast.

Watch out for the rest!
Happy New Year again.
This year, you will break records and accomplish extraordinary results.
Please help re-broadcast to help your friends maximize the year!

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst


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