Fit to Break Records!

The 2016 Olympics is only 2 years away.

This morning, all over the world, thousands of athletes will wake up and hit the gym to continue their preparation for something going to happen in about 730 days.

What did you wake up to do? Some wake up to continue life, while others wake up to maximize life!

Two things happened to me last week that made me ‘tighten my belt’. I met a 23 year old Nigerian, “born and bred” here, who runs a company that manufactures phones. I held one of the phones in my hand. The specs are comparable to most phones people spend a fortune to buy.

I asked myself, Jimi, what were you doing at the age of 23? On Saturday, I listened to a multimillionaire (in dollars) at an event who, only 4 years ago, was evicted from his house because his business failed and things had gone bad for him. Today, he has business operations in 21 countries.

If you are still playing games with your life, I am sorry for you. This life is once and then its over. If you like, continue living life the way you are living it and keep getting the same results. If you like, change the way you are living your life for the results you desire.

What you sow is what you reap! I have made up my mind that 2014 will count! I will play my part to make this a reality! Start a ‘New Life’ today. To repent, means to change your mind & life. I hereby ‘repent’ of my past and reach for my future.

Join me, starting NOW! Project 365 Days Audio CD including my 7 podcasts for 2014, PLUS a daily 5-Min affirmation you can say to get inspired and create the world you desire PLUS a bonus CD of CareerShift Lagos featuring Lanre Olusola, Mrs St Matthew- Daniels, Tunji Babajide and Jimi Tewe, is ready this week!

To pre-order, simply send a mail to or call 07043333041 for details. Retail cost is N2500 (Delivery can be done at an additional fee)

Have a great week!

Jimi Tewe


Career Success Catalyst


2 thoughts on “Fit to Break Records!

  1. This left me shivering like have never read something inspiring before.I really pray for grace to LIVE my life as ordained by GOD. God help me OOooo

  2. You are right. With God hopeless situations are turned around. If we are ready to change and align our thoughts with divinely inspired counsel & ideas of this nature, we’ll all hav fulfilled dreams.

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