Program Yourself for Success

Welcome to the last week of January 2014! Surprised? You shouldn’t be.

Remember! Think of 2014 in days not as a year! In the last 26 days, I have been able to make significant progress about a number of my goals for the year. I would like to share something I do deliberately with you as I believe it will help you.


There are a few things you can do that will affect the way you think, what you do and the results you get. What are they, you may ask? See, hear & speak your future everyday.

In 2006, I desperately needed a promotion while working with Accenture. Every morning, I played an affirmation track in my car that spoke about getting promoted. Later that year, I got a 4-step promotion in my career.

In 2010, I needed to sell a property I had. The real estate market had crashed & people offered me ridiculous prices to buy. I set a figure in my mind alongside my wife and we daily affirmed (spoke) this figure. We sold the house for N40M – what we wanted.

In 2012, I desired to start speaking internationally & began saying it. That year, we held CareerShift in the UK & the USA. This year, I desire to speak in African countries. I already have my first invite from South Africa!

What you believe and say will change your mind, actions & your life! Program yourself for success staring today. Stop ‘saying’ your circumstance, say your desired future! I want you to record outstanding success this year & one thing I have done is to put together a product that can help you do this.

‘Project 365’ contains all my podcasts (7) for 2014, one powerful affirmation track you can play and a bonus CD from one of my top events for 2013. (Retail cost is N2500; delivery available at a cost)

Interested? Call 07043333043 OR mail

Let’s make this year count, starting today!

Stay Empowered!

Jimi Tewe

Career Success Catalyst


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