My Wards, Awards and Rewards

Thank God it is Monday

Welcome to a New Week.

I have always been told that being consistent in something you are passionate about pays off eventually. Well, that became the basis for something I experienced this weekend.

One of my wards (someone I mentor), Chibuzor Obilom called me early on Saturday and was very excited. He had just seen that I was selected Overall Social Media ‘Overlord’ for Career in the Alder Consulting Social Media Report for Nigeria for 2013. Interestingly, I had not seen this myself and so that got me excited. Much later that day, while reflecting on the recognition, I remembered that one major thing led to me getting it; Chibuzor personally took up responsibility for my social media presence in 2013. I would be lying if I said it was my personal effort that got me there. He and a few others have been a strong support to me and now its paying off.

Today, I celebrate the “Chibuzors” who work behind the scene to make the consistency of people like me evident to the world.

Another ward I remember today is Bimbo Akinsanya– a student of OAU. I have been privileged to mentor her and today, being her birthday, I am excited to see how she has taken my advice and she is now making impact through her NGO; Bimbo & Friends. By reaching out to students in secondary schools, I am excited she is making a difference in lives early in life.

The “Bimbos” of my life make my consistency a satisfying experience.

Now, as you step out this week, remember we are in the 2nd week of February. Pursue your life’s vision, not your paycheck, & build others around you while you are at it. People are always the best investments- never forget that!

This week will be productive & rewarding for YOU! I wish you the best of results & rewards!

As we Thank God for Monday, listen to this track by another of my wards, SimpliMichael, that has blessed me here


Jimi Tewe



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