Dream Big

Thank God it’s Monday.

Welcome to the second week of February and the seventh in 2014.
We have only 45 weeks left this year. Did I just see you ‘tighten your belt?’ If I did, then that’s good. As your career success catalyst, my responsibility is to ensure you are not slack throughout this year as I believe there will be many opportunities to maximize this year. Today, I feel compelled to ask you- what is your BIGGEST dream this year? By now, you ought to know that I will not settle for any small dream from you.

What’s the use of living if your major dream is just surviving. This year, you MUST  ‘bite more than you can chew’ so that God either helps you or you get into ‘trouble’. I think God gets excited when we attempt BIG things. Last week, I got an inspired idea and I started working on it immediately. More often than not, my heart would race whenever I thought about it (out of fear of failure) but at the same time, I would be excited (out of faith for success).

Well, I have decided to lean on my excitement and I am going ahead with it (I’ll tell you shortly).

The Best dreams are the one’s you have with your eyes open. This world is controlled by those who dream. I want your life to count as we make 2014 your ‘tipping’ year. I will share more about attaining your dreams throughout this month. I intend to host a few dreamers to a lunch date pretty soon where they will have the privilege to learn from a bigger dreamer (details coming soon).

Before I go, let me ask you- how active are you on social media? Do you have a Twitter Handle? If you answered in the negative to this, I can confidently tell you that you WILL miss out on one of the biggest platforms for easy impact, influence & potential income. If you do not understand how it works, ask someone to help you. Statistics affirm my assertion so this is not just my thought.

This world needs you to stand out and make impact!

Start TODAY! Thank God it’s Monday!

Jimi Tewe



5 thoughts on “Dream Big

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  2. God bless you sir for this great piece. I will like to have a talk with you sir tru any social media,email or anyoda means urgently sir .tnks

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