7 Star Worker Conference is this Week- Feb 19-21!

Thank God it’s Monday

Welcome to a New Week! Okay, for those who do not know, the 7 Star Worker is a conference I hosted in 2013 focused on getting working professionals to reach for outstanding achievements in their career. We had over 1000 people in attendance and planned it for about 3 months. We spent a few millions to make it successful too.

So, why would I wake up today and say I want to hold the same conference in 3 days time? Why would I be expecting to have an audience of over 5000 working professionals? What about the budget? Do I have sponsors for this event? Don’t I need more weeks for adequate publicity? Jimi, are you not playing with massive failure?

My answer is NO! Ladies & Gentlemen, this is where Social Media makes things happen. This week, on Twitter, I will be hosting the 7 Star worker conference and all my goals will be achieved. We will have 3 of Nigeria’s finest CEOs & leading professionals share on keys to becoming a 7 Star Worker.

Between 6.30pm & 7.30pm, you will be able to ‘attend’ the conference wherever you are. Traffic will not be able to stop you. Even your boss who enjoys keeping you at work will not be able to stop you. Our first speaker (on Wednesday) will be Mr Tonye Cole, CEO of Sahara Energy. I’ll give you details of other speakers tomorrow.;)

All you’d have to do is follow me on Twitter @jimitewe and also Mr Cole @TonyeCole1. You should also follow the hashtag #SMW7Star. If you are not on Twitter, REPENT! Go to http://www.twitter.com now and signup. There will be a lot of learning too & you will be able to ask our ‘speaker-tweeters’ questions.

This event is part of my contribution to the Social Media Week being celebrated globally.

Later today, I will be officially recognized at an event put together by Alder Consulting as the ‘Social Media Overlord’ for Career in Nigeria 2014 alongside other winners. Stay tuned for more details.

Now, get to WORK! Please share.

Jimi Tewe


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