Thank God It’s Monday!

Welcome to the last week of February!

By the end of this week, we’ll have only 10 months left in 2014. I do hope you are not surprised at how fast the year is moving. Remember, treat this year as days and you will maximise your time better.

Today, I am compelled to ask you to STRETCH where your career or business is concerned. To STRETCH means to go beyond what is convenient. STRETCHing has been confirmed as one of the major keys to achieving the extraordinary. You see, convenience is a major key to achieving mediocrity.

Comfort zones are convenient zones but they keep you out from your possibilities. Many people, including YOU can achieve great feats, but our challenge is that we never STRETCH.
STRETCHing means biting more than we can chew. Your comfort zone is usually your safe zone but safety, most times limits your potential to become ALL you can be.

Please allow me to say this to YOU: A bird in hand is NOT better than two in the bush. Simple arithmetic says that two in the bush are better BUT you will have to STRETCH to get them. Let me say this, ‘There are many ‘two in the bush’ possibilities awaiting you this week and this year’. Go for them! Every Monday is another opportunity to STRETCH.

One trait of 7 Star Workers (Exceptional working professionals & business people) is that they STRETCH!

Don’t be afraid of failure. Rather learn to use it as a springboard if it happens. STRETCHing exposes you but it ultimately rewards YOU! In the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing more with you on STRETCHing.

Get set to achieve greatness!

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Do have a wonderful week.

Jimi Tewe


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