Intentional Success

Thank God It’s Monday! 

Hello. I trust your day has been going great.

First let me apologise for just sending this blog post. To be honest, I actually typed it twice and lost it twice by mistakenly pushing the back button on each occasion. Anyway, back to the matter; INTENTIONAL SUCCESS is my motto for this year. Its either I succeed OR I succeed.

No circumstance, no setback or seeming lack will stop my goals for 2014 from becoming a reality. Let me share 2 principles for Intentional Success based on two experiences I had last week:

(1) Keep your Goals specific & realistic:

A gentleman approached me for business counseling last week and I asked him one question. ‘How much will you make (minimum) this year. He said, ‘Hundreds of Millions’. I pointed at him and said boldly to him, ‘that is why you will fail- you have no specific goal!’ When I found out his revenue for last year, I realized his goal was unrealistic as he had never made N1 Million before.

Set (think through & arrive at) OR reset your goal(s) for 2014.

(2) Use your Head:

By this, I mean think through your strategy & execute it. It was a Sunday evening (upper week) and I went to get fuel at a filling station. I saw a young girl (aged about 12) walking from car to car selling CD’s. When she got to my car, I realised she was the one who sang on the album & she was selling it herself because she couldn’t get a promoter.

What tripped me most was that by selling herself, she was executing her goals; she was also learning how to sell; she was also selling at a station close to an estate at a time people when good cars come out with money to buy (strategic positioning). Of course, people gave her more money for the CDs because they were impressed with her.

Like this girl, I’d like to ask that you SUCCEED INTENTIONALLY!

Its a New Month; A New Week & A New Opportunity for you to Break Records & exceed expectations! Maximize it! Do have a wonderful week!

Jimi Tewe




One thought on “Intentional Success

  1. very well said! I have made up my mind to make it this year with God helping me and with setting realistic goals I shall surely succeed INTERNATIONALLY!
    Thank you Pst Jimi

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