What MUST you achieve in 2014?

Thank God it’s Friday!

Its been a wonderful week so far for me and I trust that you have had a greater week.

I am seated right now in a class about to facilitate a session on business communication for a bank and I am quite excited as I do something that I love doing, anyday, anytime.

In a few days, the first quarter of this year will be over and we will be in the fourth month of the year.

I was listening to the podcasts I sent out at the beginning of this year (Project 365) and I was stirred again as I realised it really has helped me in achieving a lot more than I I did in the last 3 months of 2013.

Again, my assignment is to get you driven towards achieving exceptional performance in your life & career. Its an expectation God has of you and one which the world needs from you.

Before this month ends, I would like to ask that you conduct a personal Quarterly Business Review (QBR) to get yourself prepared for the next quarter.

Remember, you can BE much more, DO much more, HAVE much more and IMPACT much more this year.

Let me ask you again, ‘what MUST you achieve in 2014?’. Make sure it becomes your primary focus for every day this year.

I’ve got to go now but before I go, remember that you can get the 7 Podcasts & the affirmation track (it got me fired up this morning) on http://www.konga.com- search for Project 365. It costs N2500 and will be delivered to you free anywhere in Nigeria.

For those in Lagos who want to earn more in their career, consider attending a free session tomorrow morning by 10am at THE KINGSWORD, Etal Avenue, Firstbank Busstop, Kudirat Abiola Way, Ikeja. I will be speaking alongside Orok Duke (a Manager at British Petroleum Chicago, USA) & Dupe Akinsiun (Head HR, Cardinal Stone Partners. You can call Eniola on 07043333041 for more details and directions.

Do have a wonderful day & please rebroadcast.

Jimi Tewe
Twitter: @jimitewe


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