I Was Transformed Yesterday!

Good Morning.

I usually do not post on Tuesday but I would like to crave your indulgence to do so this morning.

I was transformed

I attended a Leadership Conference yesterday with 4 awesome speakers. The last speaker, Dr Myles Munroe’s session made the most impact on me. He spoke about the Power of CHARACTER in Leadership.

Yesterday, I realised why living a life of compromise is not an option for me. Our world today accommodates & even in some instances celebrates compromise. The challenge however is that when you compromise good values, you will NEVER become everything you could have been!

Lack of Character will ensure you lose credibility which I was reminded yesterday is more important than all the wealth & fame you can possess.

The leadership challenge in our nation Nigeria & in our world is because most of our leaders lack Character.

If you will make impact & make a difference, you MUST develop your character.

According to him, CHARACTER protects power & vision. It means ‘Never changes’. In other words, people can trust you on something. Charisma can get you to the top but CHARACTER will keep you there without effort.

What is your personal CHARACTER today? What is the CHARACTER of your organization? Do people trust you & your company to do what you promised? When you change too much, people cannot trust you.

I write this morning as one who is not perfect but one who is committed to building his character more.

One thing will distinguish great leaders in our generation. That thing is CHARACTER!

I will be tweeting on lessons I learnt this evening by 6pm. You can follow me @jimitewe to learn more. Let me share this in closing: Character gives your words weight!

Become a greater person by building your CHARACTER today!


See you by 6pm on Twitter (@jimitewe)

Enjoy your day.


3 thoughts on “I Was Transformed Yesterday!

  1. I was there too. What awesome session!!. What struck me most, among others, was the fact that CHARACTER Is more important than anointing. I will never remain the same.

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