Kill Your Goliath

Thank God It’s Monday!

Welcome to a New Week.

Today, I will not be speaking from Malcolm Gladwell’s rendition of David & Goliath but from the original story found in the bible.


While reading through it this morning, I suddenly realised that many of us miss out on ‘killing’ our Goliaths in life and that keeps us living a regular life.

Your ‘Goliath’ is that BIG giant you will ‘kill’ that will bring you prominence, influence and reward. Its sad to see people working and running businesses without recording stories of outstanding achievements in spite of all their efforts.

One key reason this is so is because their ‘Goliaths’ are still alive.

A ‘Goliath’ is a BIG problem in your field that many people complain about. If you are able to successfully kill it, your name will gain prominence in your field OR your business will become a leader in its industry.

One Goliath I am personally out to kill is UNEMPLOYMENT in Nigeria. Can you imagine what would happen if I champion the change in this field & actually help in significantly eliminating this? I mean, that alone could earn me a nomination as Minister of Youth Dev’t for the nation (winks).

As you go out this week, look out for your Goliath. When you find him, start working on how you’ll ‘kill’ him. After you have figured it out, go out for the kill.

You know. great people are simply people who did great things. I believe a great person just read this now. I refuse live an ordinary life! I am sure this is your resolve too! We will produce extraordinary results in our generation.

Before we go, remember that the 7 Star Worker Conference holds May 1, 2014 (Worker’s day) at Lagos Airport Hotel, Ikeja.
Registration will begin shortly. This edition will be ‘off the hook’.. Be expectant.

If you would like to volunteer for the event, please send a mail to Our first meeting will hold soon.

Do have a wonderful week.

Jimi Tewe
Twitter: @jimitewe
BBM: 74F7B3A9
BB Channel: C004B6884


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