The Impostor Syndrome

Thank God It’s Monday!

Welcome to a new week!

An article I read on Forbes yesterday triggered some memories and the thought I will be sharing today.

Five years after finishing my NYSC program, I became a Senior Manager in a top bank with responsibility for 21 people heading recruitment.

Although I never mentioned it, I secretly fought a thought. That thought was this, ‘I hope people will not realise that I do not know as much as they think I do’.

impostor syndrome

Researchers have discovered that more than 70% of successful people battle this thought and have coined a term for it- Impostor Syndrome (IS).

The interesting thing to know is that ‘IS’ is the domain of great men and women.

As career people, they are willing to attempt work beyond their regular responsibilities. As business owners, they sign on contracts bigger than they have ever handled before. In other words, they ‘bite more than they can chew’.

Now, having this feeling is not enough; certain steps must be taken to neutralise the effect of this feeling:

  1. Realise that you are not alone. Even your boss/mentor gets this feeling too
  2. Have more confidence in the value you possess that gave you the opportunity than in the feeling of inadequacy you have (usually fuelled by what you realize you do not know)
  3. Build your capacity to settle into this new level
  4. Remember that the God we thank on Monday wants you to succeed and as his child, he is for you on that job/in your business.

I have shared this with you because I expect you to record BIGGER successes in this new quarter. Never settle into what does not challenge you. Settling makes progress difficult to achieve!

Remember, the 7 Star Worker Conference 2014 holds May 1 (Worker’s Day). The registration link will be sent out later today. The conference will build your confidence & competence to do BIGGER things & become exceptional at work. You CANNOT afford to miss it.

Do enjoy your week!

Jimi Tewe
BBM: 74F7B3A9
Twitter: @jimitewe


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