77 Days Change Plan

Thank God it’s Monday!

As at today, we have exactly 77 days to the end of this quarter & to the middle of 2014.

By now, you should know how well you are doing with regards to your goals for 2014. If there is one year that will be packed with success stories for you & I, it is 2014.

In the last few days, I have had cause to reflect on those areas where I need change & although there are several areas, one of them stands out.

I realize that my CAPACITY (ability) to produce is in direct proportion to the results I will achieve.

Each individual has capacity in different dimensions including; spiritual, mental, emotional, relational & physical. Now, the presence of capacity is not enough- the degree of that capacity is more important.

That you know about human anatomy is good but it takes a degree to cut a human open for a surgery.

As we actively use this quarter, I want you to develop your capacity. Specifically, I would like you to develop more in 2 areas this quarter.

  1. Spiritual Capacity: Don’t just know about God & thank Him on Mondays & Fridays, truly know Him personally. Two are better than one & when God is your partner, you will succeed in a BIG way.
  2. Mental Capacity: what do you intend to deliberately do to improve the capacity of your mind to solve problems this quarter? I will be in South Africa in May for a campus career tour but I will also be in a 2 day training on Emotional Intelligence. Make sure you have a plan.

One plan you can have is to attend the 7 Star Worker Conference holding on May 1, 2014 in Lagos. Its FREE but will be impactful.

1 Keynote speaker & 12 panelists drawn from different industries will share their knowledge & experience with you.

You can register here now:

Profiles of the speakers/panelists will be sent out starting this week. The event will be streamed online too that day.

Its time to get to work!

Stay Blessed!

Jimi Tewe
BBM: 74F7B3A9


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