OC Ukeje… A 7 Star Worker

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I only need a few minutes of your attention this morning. A couple of people have asked me what the 7 Star Worker Conference is all about & I thought I should share some details & introduce one of our panelists.

I am a firm believer in the fact that each one of us can BE better, DO better & HAVE better if we would ‘push’ ourselves outside our comfort zones in the work we do on a daily basis.

Those who stand out in life & are celebrated have as much right to this as you do. However, for you to significantly improve your performance as an employee or business owner, certain perspectives, attitudes and aspirations you have must change.

The model, ‘Iron sharpens Iron’ suggests that when you relate with people ‘vibrating’ at a higher frequency than you, after a while, your ‘vibration’ will match theirs.

This is why we have organised this 1 day conference entirely for YOU!

We will have 3 panel sessions with 12 panelists and 1 Keynote speaker. The panel sessions will inspire, challenge & inform you in the areas of Career, Business & Arts/Entertainment.

Let’s start with Arts/Entertainment.


OC Ukeje is a Nollywood actor with a difference. Recently starring in the ‘Half of A Yellow Sun‘ movie (Chimamanda Adiche), OC has distinguished himself in the industry in such a short time. He has moved from ‘local to global’ in his field and he says he is only just beginning.

I spoke with him this morning and he has assured me he will be around for the conference (I was concerned he might be in Hong Kong shooting a movie with Jackie Chan )

Anyway, he will be sharing his thoughts & experiences which will be relevant even if you are not going to become an actor.

Have you registered for this FREE event?

Do so now at http://7starworker.com/2014-conference-registration/

Kindly help rebroadcast this message. I will share more information about other speakers & panelists tomorrow.


Jimi Tewe
Conference Convener


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