The Power of ‘Change’

The Power of ‘Change’ (Not what you think)

I had a simple experience yesterday evening that reminded me of a profound truth.

I had gone to the mall with my wife to get something and of course the whole place was packed full because of the holiday. In order to leave I had to go pay the toll fee of N200 and by the time I got there, the queue was very long. Thankfully I had some ‘Change’ with me and so held it in my hand only to realize that everyone ahead of me on the queue had big bills but no ‘Change’.

All of a sudden, I realised I had an advantage over them and so I said it gently, ‘I have some ‘Change’. All of a sudden, everyone ahead of me asked me to move forward and I paid and left before them.

‘Change’ is your competitive advantage that will take you ahead of the crowd. It is what you carry that is in demand at that moment. When you have ‘Change’, you can enjoy good progress.

At work, ‘Change’ will be relevant skills needed to solve corporate problems. In Business, ‘Change’ represents products/services you have that are in high demand.

Guess what! On May 1, 2014, over 1000 people (& many more via livestream) will be getting ‘Change’ free of charge at the 7 Star Worker Conference.

3 Panel sessions on Career, Business & Arts/Entertainment (by 12 outstanding individuals) plus one Inspirational Session by our Keynote Speaker will give you the ‘Change’ you need at this time.

It holds at Lagos Airport Hotel, Ikeja and since its a public holiday, there is no need to be concerned about traffic.

You can register now at

Just so you know, there is still an opportunity for your company to advertise in our excellently produced manual for each participant or exhibit at the event. If you are interested in any of these opportunities, call 07043333041/043 for details.

Do have a great day & do get some ‘Change’ today!

Kindly help rebroadcast to change someone’s day for the better!

Jimi Tewe
BBM; 74F7B3A9


One thought on “The Power of ‘Change’

  1. How nice! Great play of words ‘Change’ I have sent my CV via the mail I saw on Connct Nigeria platform and iv spoken with Sarah the representative. I hope to be a part of this great opportunity.

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