7 Star Worker Conference- 3 Days Away..Are you set?

Good morning and welcome to a new week.

Do you know that feeling you get when you are about to do something BIG? Its usually a mixture of a huge dose of excitement and a little ‘concern’. The thing however is that I have learnt how to use my ‘excitement’ to drive myself further towards achieving my goals & leveraging my ‘concerns’ to identify areas I might need to work on before the event.

As a 7 Star Worker, I expect that you are also attempting BIG things this year. Go for your goals and never let any anxious thought stop you.

Well, let me share something briefly about 2 of our panelists for the Career session.

When FirstBank decided to champion an initiative in the banking industry- the establishment of a Learning Academy as a subsidiary of the bank- Oshiomha Irumhekha was selected to head it.
In about two years of its existence, learning practitioners in the industry recognise him as a force to reckon with. He has worked with multinationals such as Accenture and MTN. He will be sharing his thoughts with us during the conference.

Iyadunni Olubode is the Executive Director of LEAP Africa. She was ahead of me when we worked together in Accenture a few years ago. At a crucial point in her career, she resigned her managerial role in Accenture to rethink her life priorities for a year and later joined LEAP Africa as a consultant before being asked to head it.
Find out what made her make such a drastic move and how she has been able to navigate to the top.

I will blog about the last 2 panelists shortly.

In the meantime, I need you to register to attend this event (It’s this Thursday May 1) via http://7starworker.com/2014-conference-registration/

If my posts have helped you in anyway, kindly use my twitter avatar and post the registration link in your status, or follow @7starworker and @JimiTewe and retweet our updates.

Let’s make good noise! Let’s trend! #7starworker

Remember, what you make happen for others, God also does for you.Enjoy your day.

Jimi Tewe
Conference Convener


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