Reasons and Excuses

Good Morning!

With less than 55 hours to our long awaited conference, its important that I share this thought with you.

If everything good that could have happened to us did happen, everyone of us would probably be living a great life. The reality however is that we do miss out on BIG opportunities for advancement because they usually come as ‘small’ negligible opportunities.

Whatever happens, I want you to make sure that if you are not going to attend the conference, you must have a REASON and not an EXCUSE for not coming. A REASON simply speaks of a better opportunity than the one at hand.

In other words, you could not make it because what you will be doing between 10am and 2pm on Thursday will be more important on the long run to you (sleep, distance and lack of funds etc will probably not suffice in this case).

An EXCUSE on the other hand is settling for something lower in value (and returns) than what is being offered at this conference. The thing about EXCUSES though is that they seem to easily produce REGRETS!

So, what will you be doing this Thursday (a public holiday) by 10am? If you are out of Lagos, you should be planning to join us on livestream ( I have done all my best, as the convener to give you REASONS to come (even offering it FREE); I hope you do not have an EXCUSE for me .

You can still register to attend this free event here

To get more details about the conference, visit now.

Yesterday, a leading voice in the entertainment industry in Nigeria, Alibaba, endorsed the event and he will be joining me for a live chat on Twitter tomorrow (time will be communicated shortly).

Get set! Something BIG is about to happen!

Kindly help reblog, share, and repost. Please use my twitter avatar to publicise the event.

P.S. The 7 Star Worker Conference will hold on May 1, 2014; 10am at the Lagos Airport Hotel, Ikeja.

Thanks a lot!

Jimi Tewe
Conference Convener


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