A Bird in Hand is NOT Always Better than Two in the Bush!

Welcome to a new week.

We all grew up learning the proverb that this post is titled with. Looking back, I realize that it was developed initially to emphasize the need to pursue available opportunities rather than chasing shadows. The reality however is that the world has changed significantly and it is being led by those who would dare to pursue what is POSSIBLE beyond what is AVAILABLE.

More often than not, staying with what is AVAILABLE is usually driven by the fear of failure in the pursuit of the POSSIBLE. Likewise, settling for what is AVAILABLE because its an easier option could become a major limitation in the achievement of greatness.

Why am I saying ALL this today, you may ask?

I feel strongly that there will be many possibilities around you this week. Its time to GO for them!

Possibilities are the gateway to the future. When a man sees something as possible, he is immediately geared towards pursuing it and when it becomes a reality, the future in the possibility is released.

Someone asked me why I am spending time and money traveling to South Africa. The truth is that I heard that there are more than two ‘birds in the bush’ and that is why I am here to pursue them.

Guess what!

I heard about one more ‘bird’ yesterday and you can trust that I will pursue it.

No matter your age, you are still too young to settle in life. In your field, family, career, business & life, STRETCH beyond your REALITIES towards your POSSIBILITIES.
There is a greater YOU that the world is yet to see!

Let me leave you with a thought from God’s word:

‘Clear lots of ground for your tents! Make your tents large. Spread out! Think Big! Use plenty of rope, drive the tent pegs deep. Do not be afraid- you are not going to be embarrassed’

Isaiah: 54:2-4 (Message)

This week, PURSUE your POSSIBILITIES! Let’s go ‘bird catching’.

Enjoy your week!

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst
Convener: 7-Star Worker Conference


One thought on “A Bird in Hand is NOT Always Better than Two in the Bush!

  1. “There is a greater ME that the world is YET to see”…..Thank you sir for the Word in Season.

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