5 things you MUST be doing to rightly position yourself in your Career!

Good morning.

I trust your day is going on fine.

One lesson I have learnt in life is that there can be moments you will look back and wish you had done somethings in the past which would have positioned you for success today. Unfortunately, when this happens, its an acknowledgement that an opportunity has been lost.In order to forestall a lot of these regrettable moments in our future, we MUST know some key things to do TODAY.

Join me this evening on Twitter by 6pm as I share my thoughts on 5 things you MUST be doing now in your Career to get the future experience you desire.

For example, I have been doing one of these five for over three years and just yesterday, I got a major opportunity that I had always desired. A Career Development body in the USA (with operations in about 40 countries) sent me a mail saying they had seen my profile and blog online and were impressed with what I was doing. To cut the story, we will be having a Skype chat today to discuss some opportunities.

At some point in your Career, your presence and impact should be so strong that it attracts industry, national and international attention. It was a ‘gamble’ for me back then but it can become a ‘principle’ for you now.

Join me on Twitter by following @jimitewe by 6pm (Nigerian Time) today as I share 5 things you MUST be doing to enhance your career.

Do tell your friends and contacts about it too by sharing.

Best regards,

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst
Convener, 7 Star Worker Conference


4 thoughts on “5 things you MUST be doing to rightly position yourself in your Career!

  1. that is fabulous Jimi!

    What you do over time gives you mastery.

    will surely join you on twitter can wait for those five things! and apparently, most people think its just the young graduates probably looking for a job that should pay attention but i strongly feel that even executives, CEOs and whatever position you are presently you should pay keen attention to Jimi.

  2. I love you “plenty”
    Success in life is not all about the cars you ride, the house you live, and even the life u lead but its all about the N0 of people you’ve successfully helped to be “success”. Am one of them, just still in process….”Ten Q” can never be enough, you deserve a “Billion Q”

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