Stop Building A Lie!

Thank God It’s Monday!

Welcome to a New Month.

First, I will like to apologise that I have not blogged in 9 days. My BBM software developed a mind of its own and forced me to take a break. I guess in a way it has been helpful as I have been able to send the last few days to think through some important things.
With 4 weeks to the middle of 2014, I have been spending a lot more of my time thinking through many things I am doing. If you remember well, in one of my posts, I warned against engaging in ‘Busyness’ rather than in your ‘Business’.
Thinking is one activity that keeps you on track where your business is concerned. Someone once said that ‘thinking is so difficult and that is why most people do not engage in it’.

One conclusion I came to during this period is that ‘if my OUTPUT is not what I desire, I need to change my INPUT or my PROCESS’. I am sure you know that nothing just happens. It means that the success you want to record must be backed up by necessary INPUT and an effective PROCESS.
For many of us, our input would include Knowledge, People, Vision etc. Our PROCESS on the other hand would include our habits, work routines, strategy etc. For the year to produce what we desire (OUTPUT), we must engage the right INPUT and PROCESS on a consistent basis.

This weekend, I spent a few hours with 2 of my mentors who are doing well in their fields because I realize I need more INPUT for the OUTPUT I desire. I also spent sometime this morning planning my week as I realize I need to review my PROCESSES.

As you step fully into the week, take out sometime to review your life’s INPUTS and PROCESSES because they will ultimately determine your OUTPUT. ‘Living a LIE’ is called Self Deceit.

The only challenge with deceit is that when you are in it, you are strongly convinced wrongly. This week is another opportunity for CHANGE!

Let’s make the most of it!  Do enjoy your week!


Jimi Tewe

Career Success Catalyst
BBM: 74F7B3A9


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