Your Career, Your Passion

Welcome to a New Week.

I trust you had a restful weekend.

Many people, including myself, have said that in choosing a Career, that people should do something they are passionate about. Although this is a truth that must be considered in choosing a career, I find that it is not sufficient in itself.

The reason for this is that there is a high tendency to feel passion for several interests at different times and so relying on passion alone might lead to some degree of confusion.

Let me share this insight with you; Your best-fit career path is the one where your interests, dominant abilities, personality and passion intersect to provide a valuable solution to society.

If you are to look at people who are truly successful in our world today, you would find this insight to be true. It is not sufficient for you to be passionate about a field. You must be ‘built’ to succeed in it and in addition, you MUST be able to provide VALUE to society with it.

Now, the word passion was first used in the 12th century and was used to describe the sufferings of Christ on the Cross (Etymology Dictionary). So, in reality, the word means to suffer or to endure.
Now, every truly great career will have seasons of ‘suffering’ or ‘enduring’ and so the place of passion is very necessary for career success. I personally believe that passion is the ‘fuel’ God gives you to pay the price you must pay today to get the future you envision and desire. Passion will strengthen you, keep you optimistic, attract resources to you for your vision and enable you to attempt what seems impossible to others.
So, PASSION is important BUT it is not enough.

One other thing you must add to passion is knowledge. Passion backed by knowledge will outshine raw passion anyday. I will share more about this during the week. Do share this with someone today.

Stay Blessed

Jimi Tewe Career
Success Catalyst
74F7B3A9 | @jimitewe


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