Prepare for It

Hello. I trust your day has been going great so far.

Well, yesterday evening, while in a discussion, I remembered one of my most embarrassing moments while growing and I thought I should share it with you today.

I was in JSS3 at that time and had been part of a boys club that met every Sunday afternoon. One of the activities I loved going for was the Taekwondo class. Looking back I realise I must have been under a strong influence of an overdose of Chinese films. In reality, I just loved the fact that I could wear the uniform and prepare to fight anyone that ‘tries’ me.

Well, things were going fine until an announcement was made that we would be graded the following week to determine those who would get yellow and blue belts. I was excited about the prospect of changing colours.. But…Anyway, I remember glancing through some of my notes that saturday morning & laughing at my junior brother cause he was reading and preparing seriously. I told him I had a strategy & this was it; I would sit way behind and watch the instructions given to others and use what I learn when my turn comes.

Guess who was called first? Jimi Tewe…I remember shaking while walking to the front (I think I caught a glimpse of my brother with a smirk on his face)

‘Ap Oligi’ shouted the instructor. I could not remember what it was so I just ‘did’ something.

‘Ap Chagi’ he shouted again and I did something else which was not right based on the look he gave me.

To cut the story short, everyone got promoted that day except me. My brother even got a double promotion to blue belt.Well, thankfully, my career is not in martial arts today, but the lesson to learn is this, PREPARE for your opportunities!

Someone said it this way, ‘Prepare for war in the time of peace’.

As we get set to step into the second half of 2014, I strongly advise that your PREPARATION should match your EXPECTATION!Get set for MORE! Things will get better.

Jimi Tewe


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