It’s been almost 10 days since I blogged. Someone even said on Twitter yesterday, ‘Where is Jimi Tewe? We might need to go look for him’.

The truth is that the last few weeks have been extremely busy for me but more importantly, I have had to HIBERNATE intentionally.

As we step into the second half of 2014, I have had to match my preparation with my expectations. I know that nothing just happens and so my expectations must be birth deliberately.

Let me share one area you need to get prepared in, Thoughts. I heard someone say that if Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and other achievers thought like the rest of the world, they would not stand out today like they do. The truth is this, ‘Your life is a reflection of the quality of your thoughts’.

You should have:

  1. Reflective Thoughts: help you learn from the past 6 months
  2. Imaginative Thoughts: help you determine what the next 6 months should deliver
  3. Influencing Thoughts: help change the way you think so you do not reproduce your past but your future.

External Change, most times is influenced by factors beyond you, but Internal Change enables you to become a person that can maximise external changes to your advantage. If you have not done so already, take out some time to HIBERNATE.
I have bought about 15 books in the last 4 weeks because I need to think bigger to birth the dreams God has placed in my heart.

Take time off work if you have to. Lock yourself indoors for one day if you have to BUT, please, DO NOT step into the 2nd half of the year casually.

Before stop typing, I seek to identify 2 interns interested in HR (students who have finished school waiting for NYSC in November and resident in Lagos) and a working professional who desires a transition into HR (not more than 3 yrs experience).

Interested Candidates should send their CV to info@inspirosolutions.com before Monday June 30.
CVs must demonstrate that they are interested in HR.

Do have a wonderful day.

Jimi TeweCareer
Success Catalyst


2 thoughts on “Hibernate

  1. True talk sir. One must learn to learn and acquire new thinking patterns, relearn also and do well to unlearn patterns that are not edifying in any way. Thoughts I have learnt can determine how active or relaxed the physical body is. They control the mood we find ourselves in, whether good or bad.

  2. A Word in season.Thank you Jimi Tewe for sharing this. It is so essential to Reflect, Imagine and be positively Influenced #HIBERNATE

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