Welcome to the 2nd Half of 2014. But…

The referee has blown his whistle and all he is doing is checking the time.

Like you, I am very expectant where this second half is concerned. Unlike other years, I want to maximise the next 6 months in such a way that it will feel like 6 years, in terms of results.

While watching Nigeria drop out of the world cup, I picked a few lessons that can help you ‘win’ this match called 2014.

  1. Focus: You do not have more than 184 days left this year. You must choose what you want to achieve. Efforts will only count when they deliver desired results
  2. Score Early: Why not decide to achieve your goals early on in this second half? Procrastination is never your friend.
  3. Have a Solid ‘Keeper’: Make sure you have someone who is watching your back & who you are accountable to in achieving your goals
  4. Do not play without your strengths: When Onaze was ‘taken out’, the team lost steam. Your Onaze’s are your core strengths that make you better than others in a field. Maximize them
  5. Never lose Hope: The only time you are allowed to feel helpless about your goals for 2014 will be January 1, 2015. Its never over till its over. Maintain a ‘fighting’ spirit. It will pay off.

Just the same way people all over the world gathered to watch teams, I see crowds of people gather to watch you in the nearest future. Its a BRIGHT half-year ahead..

Seize it!
Jimi TeweCareer
Success Catalyst


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