What Matters Most

Thank God It’s Monday

It’s another exciting week and for me, I get to start it doing something I love to do- Inspiring new staff of a bank to be 7 Star Workers.

As we grow older, each second of our lives is meant to yield higher returns in different dimensions; specifically in Impact, Income & Influence.

You would notice that the older you get, the faster time ‘flies’. Your action or inaction within each moment of time you have defines your experience in the coming future. It is therefore pertinent that you spend most of your time on WHAT MATTERS MOST.

Many things are important but very few things MATTER MOST. Based on your dreams, goals, values & desires, your LIFE priorities should determine your  TIME priorities. Trust me, you need to become ‘SELFISH’ with your time as the meaning for your existence becomes clearer.

You DO NOT have enough TIME to do everything you would want to do in your life. You must therefore become a MASTER of time. The greatest, richest & most influential people who ever lived have simply mastered what they use their time for.

24 hours is all the RICH have; so also the POOR
24 hours is all the EXTRAORDINARY have; so also the ORDINARY
24 hours is all YOU have.. What will you use your time to do.. starting NOW!

Thank God it’s Monday! Maximise it!

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst


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