No Story

Welcome to a New Week!

Today, I woke up quite early because of a predominant thought in my mind. ‘Jimi, you must have NO STORY in your life by December 2014’.

You see, ‘Stories’ are the excuses given for why something that could have happened did not happen. They are the seeds of regret for the future and the basis of indiscipline today.

‘Stories’ are a weak attempt to justify why you procrastinated on a project or why you did not seize your opportunities when you had them.

Whether you know it or not, everyday of your life, you are either setting up the stage for ‘story’ telling or becoming a ‘story’ of success that someone will tell.

Let me say this to you: ‘there is something, right now- an  idea, a concept, an opportunity- that would totally transform your life and create a great future for you if only you use it. It is God’s responsibility to give you opportunities but it is your responsibility to seize them.

I had been ‘sleeping’ on an opportunity up until this morning but when the ‘mystery’ of ‘story-telling’ was unraveled to me, I woke up with a strong hunger to create a good story people will tell in the future.

As you get to work this week, keep telling yourself, ‘<your name>, NO STORY’.

One good thing you should know is that the God we thank every Monday (and Friday) has already given you at least one opportunity to birth a good story.. Seize It!

Start working on your future today. Without a doubt, you will be living in it tomorrow!

NO STORY! Get to work…

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Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst


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