Monkeys or Baboons?


I guess your busy week has started BUT I have a quick question for you, ‘Are you raising Monkeys or Baboons?’

Someone I respect a lot once said, ‘There is no way you can feed a monkey to the extent that it becomes a baboon’. In other words, If you want a baboon, you have to raise one from the start.

In this analogy, a Monkey represents work that we do BUT a Baboon represents work you MUST do. Monkeys represent your ‘Hustle’ but Baboons represent ‘Working on your Future’. In 10 years from today, you will discover you have raised either a monkey or a baboon.

Two months ago, a client of mine called me after she realized she was raising monkeys. She had run her business for over a decade and although the company’s revenue is now in multi-millions she came to terms that it still cannot function without her presence- a common situation with most SMEs . Today, we are working together to raise a ‘Baboon’ that can outlive her.

Whether it is in your Career, Marriage OR Business, ask yourself, ‘am I raising ‘monkeys’ or ‘baboons?’

Before I go, let me say this. On Friday, I was a guest on CNBC Africa and I was asked about how to solve the unemployment issues in Nigeria. My recommendation hovered around several things but the main thing I spoke about was the growth of SMEs. SMEs need to become Large Corporates and then Multinationals. It takes a ‘Baboon Mindset’ to accomplish this.

If you run an SME and you would like me to work with you in converting your ‘Monkey to a Baboon’, and you are really serious about this, send me a mail at for details of my SME Development Service.

Also, if you are a Middle Manager desiring to build a Baboon out of your Career, and you would like me to help coach you, send me a mail too on

Grow your ‘Baboon’ this week!


Jimi Tewe

Career Success Catalyst

Twitter: @jimitewe


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