Quantum Leap

Thank God It’s Monday!

Welcome to a New Month! I believe we have every reason to Thank God for the last 8 months but something tells me the last 4 months will be your best this year.

One thing I am trusting God to experience in these 4 months is a Quantum Leap. In simple terms, this occurs when an electron moves from a level of energy to another level. In our context, this refers to moving to a higher dimension of progress, success and impact. It literally means your life will make more sense and command more influence than you have ever experienced.

Are you interested in a QUANTUM LEAP?

Well, unlike what I would usually do, I will not be sharing any key to experiencing a QUANTUM LEAP today. My objective today, however, is to ask you if you truly desire it.

In a Quantum Leap, an electron is internally energized to a point when it can change levels. Except you become ‘internally energized’, you will remain on your current level of experience.

Until you first DESIRE a change, you will not change!

You have 4 more months for this year to be your best yet BUT first, your level of DESIRE must change before any of the strategies for a QUANTUM LEAP can work.

The good thing is that a DESIRE can be worked up. You can get HUNGRY by choice.

Look back at your goals and intentions for the year and if you see a deficiency in accomplishment, get HUNGRY.

Go and talk to people you know who have experienced a QUANTUM LEAP and allow their experiences to challenge a hunger out of you.

In summary, I need you to get HUNGRY and stay HUNGRY!

This Saturday, CareerShift Maryland, USA will be holding for the 3rd year. It’s themed QUANTUM LEAP. I am so excited because it will be explosive. Of course, I will share more about the Quantum Leap with you next week. Stay Tuned.

One way you can also get hungry (and I am serious) is to get a copy of my new book THINK.
I can guarantee you that you will be energized enough to experience a change. Our package of 6 copies (for you, your family & friends) at N5000 (includes free delivery for Lagos & friendly delivery options for non-Lagos residents).
Simply send me your name, phone number and email address by BBM or by SMS 07043333043 or by email info@inspirosolutions.com. Someone will contact you.

I believe that the rest of your year will be the rest of your year and September will be one for you to Remember!

Do have a wonderful week and kindly share this with your contacts.

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst
Twitter: @jimitewe
Instagram: Jimi Tewe
LinkedIn: Olujimi Tewe
Facebook: Jimi Tewe
Blog: http://www.jimitewe.wordpress.org


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