Quantum Leap (3)

Welcome to a new week. My greatest desire this week is that you will make progress, you will record achievements and you will end it on a high note (a Quantum Leap).

Last week, I experienced a Quantum Leap in my Business. I will give you more details at another time. I believe there is something I can share about an adjustment I had to make to experience the leap.

If a person never discovers this truth throughout their life, they most likely will constantly experience a negative Quantum Leap.

Let me put it plainly…

Your words are not just for Communication BUT for Creation!

In Quantum Physics, it has been established that energy affects matter. Therefore when you hit something with force, it is likely to move. Interestingly, it has also been established that words convey energy. Therefore what you say affects the matter around you and the ‘matters’ in your life. In other words, your future conditions are dependent on your current affirmations.

I love how someone once said it, ‘your mouth was not only created for Consumption but for Creation’.

Settle this principle of life once and for all in your heart.

In the stories of many great men and women, you will discover that many of them spoke to themselves in the mirror regularly saying things like, ‘You are a Success’, ‘You matter in this world’ etc.

They hardly ever spoke based on their Situation but based on their Conviction. 

This week, experience a Quantum Leap in all aspects of your life by Creating your desire not Repeating or Reinforcing your condition.

It’s time for your Quantum Leap!

Say this Affirmation after me;

This week, on my Job/Business, I am going to have my best experience. Things will work to favor me and I experience a Quantum Leap forward. God loves me and partners with me in all I do. I am a Success.
Do enjoy your day!

Kindly share this with your others.

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst
Twitter: @jimitewe


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