Are you eating Apples OR learning from Apple?

Thank God It’s Monday by Jimi Tewe

Last week, my wife and I stopped by at a store to buy apples from a woman who has been selling them there for many years. We drove in, made our order and left in less than ten minutes.

Last week, in several places all over the world, thousands of people slept overnight at Apple Stores to get their own iPhone 6. I heard that some people even made a business out of it by selling their spots on the line to willing buyers. It has been reported that over 4 Million of the new phone were pre-ordered before it was launched. Estimated sales are well in excess of a Billion Dollars. 

Now, although the two scenarios above have to do with the sale of ‘Apple’ products, the difference in returns is clear.

My question to you is this, ‘What are you offering to your world that will make them queue for days to get their hands on it?’

Better still, ‘are you THINKing of products, 
services or expertise that can attract global attention?’

Well, if you are not doing this, you might just be ‘eating’ your ‘Apples’. 

With more than 7 Billion Customers in the world, you should be thinking of how to IMPACT a significant portion of them with your products, services or expertise in such a way that your INFLUENCE can command greater attention and attract greater INCOME for you.

You must realize that we are living at a time when DIFFERENTIATION is critical for experiencing Industry ATTRACTION and higher financial REMUNERATION.

As you spend your time this week, set some time aside to THINK of how to Increase your ATTRACTION factor in your Career, Business and Life. Remember, NOTHING is the only thing that is guaranteed to happen by chance. Be deliberate about your SUCCESS.

As we end September, my prayer is that you will still record achievements that will make this month one to remember forever.

Do have a wonderful week.

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst
Twitter: @jimitewe


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